We are a culmination of soil & spirit

It is said of soil:
“It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death unto life. Without proper care for it, we can have no community because without proper care for it we can have no life.”
We are the bridge between the Divine and the Dust of the Earth, and only when we are connected to both are we truly alive!
We are the culmination of Soil and Spirit.
Terra Nueva means “New Earth”
What a beautiful description of mankind before the fall!
In teaching about redemptive stewardship practices over the land (as well as our lives, based on a divine template given to us by our benevolent Creator & King Jesus), we are bringing a visual & practical model of the Kingdom from inside this hollow shell we’ve been living in since Eden’s exile.

As one of our visitors, and family members in Christ once told us:

“At Eden Homestead, you’re training for reigning!”
True & total peace shall fully arrive when the Prince of Peace comes to inaugurate His kingdom upon the earth!
Shalom is when man is at peace:
1.) With God
2.) With His creation
3.) With each other
Most of us in the body of Christ have been focused on
Points 1 & 3 while the earnest expectation of the creation
itself goes on waiting for the full revealing of the sons of God!
We strongly believe that the Holy Spirit is calling us full circle toward our very beginnings!
Toward that time of innocence we once enjoyed before the fall.
Many out there are also hearing the same call and responding to it.
We are so very excited to share what the Lord has been showing us during the past four years.
Learn more at our discipleship school in Vero Beach Florida where we will be teaching about kingdom life, cultivating soil and soul, and how you can use it as a means in cultivating your community in letting God’s kingdom come in our neighborhoods, as it is in heaven.
The significance and impact of this is profound!

Do you realize that a bride is preparing herself in anxious anticipation, while there’s a King waiting in the wings?…
All the while, a beautiful habitation is being built, a table is being prepared, and the feast shall soon begin!

If you’re interested in a future time of fellowship & learning more about kingdom living, and how you can impact your community, feel free to contact us, or keep up with my facebook page for special future announcements on upcoming event offerings.

Eden Homestead is our life ministry at Acts2School in Vero Beach Florida.

We look forward to having you join us for a time of fellowship & equipping. See our events tab for details on upcoming events.

If the Spirit of God is also speaking to you, and this is resonating with you, please share a link to our website on social media with others who are also seeking the kingdom of our coming King above all else.

And please consider sowing your time, talent, or treasure into this growing and developing life giving legacy being established to be spread out around the world from Vero Beach, Florida.

Now Is The Time!

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