► The Eden Homestead Food Forest Project

Here at Eden Homestead, we are currently working on the ongoing establishment for the remainder of the food forest area. We are currently working to finish designing the polyculture food forest area around our pond in providing many varieties of fruit trees, and perennial medicinal herbs & vegetables. We are currently in need of volunteers who have a passion for permaculture, as well as creative permaculture design, who can bring their “know-how” as well as their collective knowledge expertise about companion planting and landscape design. We want the food forest to continue to grow as a place of both beauty and abundance, as well as an inspiration, and refuge for the local community who will be able to tour the grounds, and attend the Acts2School. We are also looking for varieties of flowering plants for adding to the existing aesthetic beauty of the food forest, as well as attracting pollinators for our plants.  The Goal for the Eden Homestead Food Forest, is that it serves as a growing & evolving Tropical Botanical Garden, where the community can come to tour the grounds, and learn how we were able to transform a field of Bermuda Grass into an amazing life giving Eden using merely the principles found in The Book of Genesis.

If you would like to be part of this project, please consider donating your time, talent, or treasure to this wonderful living project, which serves as an ambassador, and a future sought-out attraction for those who travel to Vero Beach Florida  .

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