► We Need Fruit Trees!

Eden Homestead is in need of fruit trees! With the organic continuing development of our grounds, we are in need of various varieties of fruiting trees.
Varieties of Trees We Are Seeking
We will soon be posting the varieties of fruit Trees we are seeking for our grounds.

The Benefits of Adding More Trees

Locally grown fruits are known to promote well-being. Food security and nutrition are essential concerns to any household. Growing fruit gives you more control over quality of food and where it comes from. It also provides you with incredible flavors and a rich source of variety. Nutrient Dense food also helps in reducing the demand for conventionally grown fruit. We can show you a better way to enjoy fruits without losing their freshness. Pick them straight from our grounds instead of having them shipped from a thousand miles away.Studies have shown that trees can lower the dust level in the air by as much as 75%. The presence of trees in a neighbourhood has proven to improve the health of residents. Trees clean the air and provide fresh air to the surrounding community.Planting trees or a garden within a community brings an community together. Our established grounds will provide our community a space for peaceful walks, and spending time. Fruit trees in a community are a rich educational resource for children. Children can engage in bird watching, playing and adventuring or gardening. With specific plants and trees growing in particular communities, these trees can help to strengthen a community’s distinctive character and local pride.By planting fruit trees, you can also help reduce the greenhouse effect. By absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, trees reduce harmful gases in the air. Planting fruit trees and other vegetation work to cool the air, land and water. Trees also block sunlight, reducing temperatures by up to 7°. Flooding and soil erosion can also be prevented by planting trees. Trees absorb thousands of gallons of water and reduce surface water runoff. Fallen leaves from fruit trees also reduce soil temperature and soil moisture loss. Upon decaying, these also provide nutrients for other tree growth.Trees offer shelter and food to communities of insects, birds, fungi and lichen. They provide complex micro-habitats and create a healthy ecosystem.The addition of our pond compliments the fruit trees. Together, they will attract birds and insects to feed and live in within our food forest. This also creates native ecosystems for pollinators and many varieties of wild creatures.

Goals For Our Food Forest

The goal for our food forest is to house a multitude of varieties of fruit trees, polinators, as well as a host of herbs and other beneficial plants for the purpose of educating others about the benefits of Redemptive Stewardship. We are only two generations from a time where there were no supermarkets, and people used to sit and eat meals together as a family.We will show you how you can redeem the ground beneath your feet, as well as how it can be used toward cultivating your local community. We also talk about the importance of establishing eco-systems where relationships become both life giving, and life sustaining. As you can well guess, this extends far beyond the borders of our food forest!

Benefits to Our Community & Grounds

Stewardship over soil and soul is as transformative as it is abundant! When God is blessed, our grounds thrive, and so do our communities!

Teaching Our Children
Eden Homestead is a place of wonder and education for the next generation of responsible stewards. Our goal is to provide education for the young about the variety and abundance found in nature, while offering our young students an introduction to various flavors of tropical fruits, and the associated health benefits associated with each of them. We look forward to partnering with home schools throughout Indian River County in bringing practical education on the wonders of nature as well as the Creator who made it all.
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