Food For Thought

The necessity of eating inevitably involves mankind’s stewardship over God’s creation.

It is not merely an agricultural act, but one, which has spiritual, familial, and societal, ramifications.

Regarding “corporate eating:”
The consumption of corporate food is inferior in every way except in its convenience, and yet this “convenience” extracts a devastatingly high price.
What has long been one of our strongest generational, and yet unstated beliefs, is that the family meal should be both communal and ritualistic.
By frequently eating out, or through the purchase of prepackaged foods, we rob ourselves (as well as our families) of the joy and wholesomeness of a well-prepared meal, the ritual of its preparation expressed in family recipes, and the commanded communion given to us by Christ, which is to be enjoined in, as well as enjoyed at a shared table.
It is not nostalgia, but an intrinsic sense given to us by God that unknowingly laments the decline of the family meal.
In our modern society, with the trappings of technology, and the advancement of industrialized agriculture, there has been a societal disconnect not only from our food, but also from the fabric of family and community which is inevitably associated with it.
Part of our discipleship training at Eden Homestead involves the re-integration of both the physical and spiritual realms and the advantages of good stewardship in both. It is our desire at Eden Homestead to help the body of Christ to go from a compartmentalized life toward an integrated one in Jesus Christ.

Not only does this involve our Creator, but it involves His creation as well!

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